My Mission Mondays

Grassroots Church is challenging YOU to live on-mission with us through “My Mission Mondays.”

Here’s how it works:

Every Monday we’ll post a video on Facebook Live and YouTube with instructions to complete the mission of the week.  When you’ve accomplished your mission, simply comment on the Facebook or YouTube video with the phrase of the month to let us know that you’ve completed it. (You can also send us an email with the phrase of the month in the subject line).


We’re having fun with this by counting each completed mission as your entry into a monthly drawing for a prize!

Will you accept your mission?

Text “MyMission” to 97000 to join the challenge and receive the “My Mission Monday” message straight to your phone.

Santa’s Workshop

This Christmas season, we invite you to be a part of something special:  Grassroots Church’s first ever “Santa’s Workshop.”

Santa’s Workshop is the way our church will give gifts to help make Christmas special for several local families in need.  This event has the potential to be a real life-changing event for these families and for each of us as we personalize the gift-giving experience.

Here’s how Santa’s Workshop works: Read more