What the Blue/black* Dress Can Teach Us About God


What a ridiculous statement that is at first blush. It’s just a stupid dress. And yet, such a trivial subject has had such polarizing, emotional, and now even spiritual responses.

Why are people so passionate about this dress color?

Because we’re not arguing about a dress. We’re arguing about truth. This topic strikes at our inner craving for truth. Deep inside us all is the desire to know the truth and to reject the lie.

We’ve lived our entire lives believing we know the truth about colors. We learned them in pre-school. So when half the world tells us that blue is white and black is gold, it creates confusion and doubt about some very basic, foundational truths.

We wouldn’t be so infatuated with this dress-color if we didn’t believe in absolute truth. We know, that this dress is indeed only two colors. It is not both blue and black and white and gold at the same time – we only erroneously perceive it to be different colors based upon the photo. The dress, however, does have a true color. Which means…

Your eyes don’t get to determine the truth.  

Which means that for all of you whose eyes can’t see the dress as blue and black and can only see white and gold, you’re left with a frightening reality:

The way you see things is not always the truth. 

The way you view the world is not necessarily true or right. Your opinions that you hold, your values that you grew up believing, your feelings that you believe define your identity, your entrenched spiritual (or anti-spiritual?) beliefs may not be true.

You may be living a life where the shadows have distorted your reality. 

Do you want the truth? You may have to trust someone who sees the world differently than you do. You may have to simply trust the one who says, “the dress is blue” even though all you can see is white and gold. Yes, you can look to evidence, you can ask the experts, you can run photoshop on the image, but then you will have to make the choice:  “Trust my own eyes?” or “Trust someone else.”

We’re not talking about a dress any more.

We’re talking about faith in a God who is unseen. We’re talking about trusting the Way of Jesus when our society pressures us to live a different way. We’re talking about absolute truth.

Are you willing to look at the world from Jesus’ perspective? Are you willing to trust Jesus as the truth?

*The dress is actually blue and black.

For more:  John 14:6, Matthew 13:1-43

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One thought on “What the Blue/black* Dress Can Teach Us About God

  • March 2, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Interestingly, my take on it was radically different (or maybe the same take from a different perspective?): the God of the universe created each of us intentionally and perfectly, and he gave us eyes that are biologically programmed to see things differently. He wants us to have these radically different views of the world around us because it forces us to sharpen each other (as iron).

    For what it’s worth, I can only see white and gold no matter how hard I look. It fascinates me.

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