Who We Want To Be

Grassroots Church is just what the name suggests – a grassroots movement of people who don’t want to just go to church – we want to be the church. We’re a movement of everyday people on mission everyday. We want to bless our neighbors and serve our city as we learn what it means to really follow the ways of Jesus in our everyday life.


“To grow together from isolated individuals into rooted and reproducing followers of Jesus.”

We want to grow deep in that faith just as roots grow deep. And we want to encourage one another to grow wide in our faith as we reproduce other followers of Jesus through cultivating community and planting “seeds” of the good news of Jesus in others.


We have four core values that shape the way we live as a church:


1. Follow Jesus Up, In, and Out.
Follow Jesus UP by spending time focused on God.
Follow Jesus IN by spending time focused on other followers of Jesus.
Follow Jesus OUT by spending time focused on those who don’t know Jesus yet.

Jesus’ life was balanced in these three directions; our lives should be balanced as well.

2. Bless Your Neighbor

  • B – Bless. Do good. Be kind. Give gifts.
  • L – Listen. Learn to listen to them. Listen for their struggles and needs.
  • E – Eat. Share a meal or coffee together.
  • S – Serve. Volunteer to help.
  • S – Story. Share your story and the story of Jesus’ Good News.

Jesus told us to love our neighbors. Maybe we should take him literally.

3. Serve Your City
Plant Heaven on Earth, one seed at a time.

Jesus is making all things new. And he uses us, his church, to help.

4. Simplify Church
You are the church. Everyday. No one needs more church events to make our already-busy schedules more busy. Every event on your schedule already is a church event, because you’re there.

Jesus’ world-changing ministry was composed of simple events like meals, conversations, and interruptions while he traveled. What would happen if we started to view our meals, conversations, and interruptions as “church events?”

   What we teach