God, give me a sign that you exist

Give me a sign

Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-21

I’ve heard it asked that, if God exists, why doesn’t he make it more obvious to all of us skeptics?  Why not make a big show of himself?  Why not give us a sign of incontrovertible proof that he exists and we should therefore serve him?

And one answer to this question can be found in the story of Jesus’ death In the death and resurrection of Jesus, God gave us a display of his existence and power.  In the first century, the resurrection is why many people turned from disbelief to belief.  They had seen Jesus die and then they had seen the risen Jesus with their own eyes — and this, for them, was indisputable evidence — an obvious sign that God is here.

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I Wish I Could Hear God

I Wish I Could Hear God

There is something within us that really wants God to speak to us.

Even non-religious people sometimes find themselves, in a moment of weakness, praying and asking God for help.  Sometimes we’re not even asking for something as big as a miracle, but just something small: a sign to let us know that he’s there or maybe just a word to let us know what we should do.

Life would be so much easier if God just spoke to us more often.  Which job should you take? God will tell you.  Which person should you date? God will tell you. Which school should you attend? Which house should you buy? Which restaurant should you eat at tonight? God will tell you.


Wouldn’t it be nice if God spoke to us more often?

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George W. Bush Wasn’t Actually the 43rd President


George W. Bush wasn’t actually the 43rd president of the United States of America .

“Yeah, I know what my history book says…but c’mon, nobody would ever vote for a guy that used the word “stategery” or pronounces the name of our country “ ‘Murica” or whose nickname is “Dubya.” There is no way George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States of America, I don’t care what the history books say. History books are biased anyway with what the public school system wants you to believe, so how can we trust them?”

That quote above is completely fabricated. Read more