Easter is Coming!


Easter is Sunday, March 27, 2016. It’s sort of a big deal. ;) Make sure to be a part of our worship celebration on the biggest Sunday of the year!

Resurrection Sunday is the reason we celebrate on ANY Sunday of the year.  It’s the reason we’re Christians.  It’s the reason we have hope.

And if you know of any friends and neighbors who could use a little hope or could use a reason to celebrate, then make sure to invite them. Invitations are available to take home on Sunday or use the Facebook event.

Thanks helping Grassroots Church make this awesome holiday even better.

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I’ve Got A Question

We will soon be developing a new series of short films that we hope will address the questions that you or your friends have about the Christian faith.  Will you help us to do that well?  We don’t want to answer questions that nobody’s really asking.  So what are the questions that keep you from jumping all-in to the Christian faith?  What are the questions you have (or perhaps you’ve heard other people ask) that keep people from fully following Jesus?

We may not have all the answers, but at least we can join the conversation.

Here are some questions we think are relevant:

1. Why is Christianity so exclusive?  Is Jesus the only way to God?

2. If God is supposed to be so “good,” then why does God allow such bad things to happen?

3. If we really have wronged God, can’t he just forgive us?  What’s the point of Jesus dying on the cross “for my sins?”  How does the cross “work?”

4. What’s the point of all this?  Is it all just about going to heaven when we die?  Is there something more to Christianity that I might have missed?

5. Why can’t Christians just keep their mouths shut?  Can’t their religion just be personal and private?

6. What does it really mean to be a “follower of Jesus?”  Because I’ve met some pretty messed up “Christians.”  What does it mean to be a Christian in your perspective?

7. Reading the Bible is boring and confusing to me.  Is there a better way to read the Bible?

8. I’ve tried praying, but don’t really know if it is “working.”  How should I pray?

9. Is God really active in my life?  Is he trying to guide me?  If so, how does God guide people?

What are your questions?

Do you have others to add?  What questions listed above would you change?  Thanks for your help.

[Photo by Duncan Hull.]