Grassroots Groups

What is a Grassroots Group?

In its most basic definition, a Grassroots Group is a small group of people who agree to live as the church.  They strive to find a rhythm of the Up, Out, and In of Christian life.

“Up” refers to our upward reach towards God:  worship and spiritual habits (such as prayer and Bible study).

“Out” refers to our outward reach towards others:  serving in our community, sharing our faith, inviting friends and neighbors to hang out, and planting new groups.

“In” refers to our inward reach towards one another:  community and accountability.

What do Grassroots Groups do?

Groups get together once per week, usually on a weeknight for dinner.  At least twice a month, groups have a discussion related to the previous Sunday’s message and other related passages of the Bible.  No one has to talk.  No one has to have lots of Biblical knowledge.  No homework is required.  If you heard the sermon on Sunday or on the podcast, you’ll be up to speed.

At least once a month, instead of the normal sermon-based discussion, groups are encouraged to serve their city.  Each group finds ways to give of their time to help other people:  service projects, community volunteering, meeting the need of a neighbor, etc.

And at least once a month, groups are encouraged to bless their neighbors. That just means they look for ways to throw a party and invite their friends, family, and neighbors.

Grassroots Church Membership

Grassroots Groups really are the core of Grassroots Church.  They are the individual cells that make up the whole body of our congregation.  To be a “member of Grassroots Church” means to be a member of a Grassroots Group.  To learn more about becoming a member and joining a Grassroots Group, please find a Roots Group.

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